Tuesday, October 16, 2012

"One Thing"

I find it hard to believe that over 3 months have passed since my last post. It truly does not seem that that much time has passed. It just reminds me that time can be both our friend and our enemy. Maybe its not time itself but what we do with that time.

I have let too much time pass by without deliberate action and can no longer afford to sit idly and let time pass me by.

In many ways I have been guilty of waiting for something (or someone) to be that "one thing" (just picture Jack Palance in City Slickers) that gets me going. In all honesty, I think I've wanted that one thing to not just get me going but for it to do the work for me (or at least make it easier or less "painful").

How many different diets or exercise programs do we have to go through before we realize that the food doesn't make the decisions for us; or that we don’t get that Brazilian butt just by buying the DVD. Its not that any given "diet" or exercise program does or doesn't work…

My train of thought is interrupted by the realization that there is not a single diet or exercise program out there that works. Not a one. You will never find one that will and there will never be one created that will. The only thing that can, and will, work is found by looking in the mirror.

There is no diet or exercise plan that can make us get out of bed or lace up the shoes and do the work necessary to reach any goals desired. Diets or programs are only as good as the effort, discipline and self-control we put forth to that plan.

So, the next time you look in a mirror think of Jack Palance and point that finger at yourself.


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mgreene said...

Sounds exactly like something I would have said!