Friday, October 28, 2011

This And That

The day is not yet over and here it is...a long overdue post.

Where to start? Where to start?

Let's start with running... Unfortunately, I have not run since the 13th. I had hoped to get a run in while on vacation (to WDW, of course), but late nights and early mornings made that difficult. But, lots of walking and standing have given my feet a much needed conditioning that I now don't have to deal with while running (at least, I hope).

Speaking of my last run, I was actually able to get up at 4:30 and it felt great to get up and out and get my run in early. However, one day does not make it a habit. For me and how things are right now, I HAVE to get my runs in in the morning.

Eating...As most of my recent posts will show, I have definitely made some strides in making better choices. I still have my moments, and I'm not completely where I need to be but I'm much better than just a month ago. I was especially weak (and annoyingly so) while on vacation.

Weight...The last weight I posted was 348 on Oct 7th. I was down to 342.5 on Oct 15th and expected to be in the 330s last week after returning from vacation. But, as I said, I was weak while on vacation and this week has not been the best. So, I was 341 this morning.

While I could easily get depressed and upset with myself, I can't afford that mindset. I best thing I can do is learn from the past couple weeks and use that to do better going forward.

Speaking of forward...



Amanda said...

Vacation was a good wake up call and I hope that it has spurred you in to action to spend more time out there on your feet getting those runs in.

While you didnt' meet your weight goal exactly you are moving in the right direction so keep making those small changes as they all add up.

MikeF. said...

Byron that is the right attitude to have towards how you ate on vacation. When I'm at the world the diet is thrown out the window. I know I pay for it, but I promise myself to get back to work when I get home. And I do. You doing great Byron keep it up. By the way hows the little one doing?