Monday, October 10, 2011

Run Happy!

Well, I didn't get in the 5 I originally planed, and I didn't run on Saturday. But, I did do 3.28mi on Sunday.

Since Thursday's run was the first one back, my legs were sore on Friday and getting worse during the day. I pretty much decided Friday night that I would not run on Saturday. But, that doesn't mean I did nothing on Saturday.

I spent several hours mowing the yard, doing some cleaning in the garage, pulling some weeds in the landscaping and helping my aunt with a presure washer. I had most of that planned for Saturday, so it made the decision to not run on Saturday a little easier.

As for the run on Sunday, it ended up being a good run. At first, things were a little shaky as my legs (especially the quads) were still sore from Thursday's run and work on Saturday. The first mile was slow as I skipped a couple running segments to let my right calf losen up. After that, the second mile was a different story. I finished the second mile with a solid 1:30 running segment to complete a 16:22 mi. I know I've just started back and I still have a long way to go, but I'm pleased with where I am right now and it felt good to push a little for that last 1:30. I did this run with 30/60 intervals (Galloway).

Speaking of Galloway and some of the comments to the last blog...I started using Jeff Galloway's method over 2 years ago. So, this isn't new to me. I started using Jeff's method in September 2009 and have done two 1/2 marathons using his method. I've had plenty of time to experiment with it and I now know what works for me and how I can tweak it when I need to.

The best confirmation of this came straight from Jeff at the Wine & Dine Expo last weekend. It was late in the day Friday and only about 10 minutes before the expo was closing. I was just finishing up my tour of the expo when I got to the RunDisney both. At first I only saw the "registration discount" for January (which I took advantage of...saved $30) but then noticed someone packing up a suitcase. As I did a double take, I realized that that someone was Jeff Galloway. I only wanted to say hi to him, but he started talking to me about running and asking questions. I told him that I had done a couple of halfs using his method and you would have thought that I had just given him the best Christmas present. But the best part was when I told him that I tweak the plan at times to deliberately skip intervals, especially on long runs, and also skip intervals when I feel like I need to. His response was priceless and I believe is somewhat responsible for my "come back".

Bottom line is that no matter what plan you use, make it your own. Experiment and find what does and doesn't work for you. But, no matter what, do not be affraid to do the things (like skipping intervals) that will make you stronger at the end of a run.  After all, we should all RUN HAPPY!!!


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Amanda said...

Yep, love Galloway. Had a similar experience with him at the Disneyland Half Expo! He's so right and it's so nice to have an elite that understands those of us that aren't elite :)!

Great job getting the miles in.