Friday, October 7, 2011


After over a year (Wine & Dine 1/2 2010), I have finally laced up the shoes and hit the pavement. In short, I did 1.98mi in 36:06 with a 16:57mi.

Looking back at other "first runs", this one is quite a bit better. I can't really explain it considering this was the longest layoff and the most I've weighed during a run. To have a sub 17:00 mile first time out, without having to push or work for it is very encouraging. My other first runs had mile times in the high 17s to high 18s.

I did this run using a Galloway 30/60 plan. 30 seconds run/60 seconds walk. I didn't skip any run segments and surprisingly the only issue at all was my hips getting tired at the end.

I can feel some very slight DOMS this morning, but nothing more than I know it's there.

My plan is to do a few miles tomorrow (Saturday). I want to do as EASY 5 (including warm and cool) but will have to see how things go. I have to be careful about over doing it, but that's way I say "easy" 5.

Overall, my plan is for 4 runs per week....Mon, Wed, Thurs & Sat. Looking back on experience, I believe 3 runs per weeks is not enough.

Following my post from yesterday, I was very rudely awakened (@ 3:00am) by a cramp in my right calf. It was easily one of the worst I have ever had and took a good 10 minutes to get it to release.

On the weight front, I was at 348 (down from a high near 360) this morning. Nothing earth shattering, but considering the lack of exercise, I will take it.



MikeF. said...

Byron my man it's great to see you are hitting the pavement again! Keep it up buddy!

J. Wazowski said...

Fabulous Byron! Using the interval approach sounds like it could work well for you. Congrats on a nice pace.

Amanda said...

That's awesome - congrats on getting back out there!

As you said, be careful that you don't overdo it and cause injury by doing too much too fast.

I love the Galloway method and it sounds like it may be a great approach for you too!